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The program of FDO2022 will offer sessions for 3 themes: researcher view, technological view and policy view. It will have sessions with defined topics and speakers as well as presentations based on open calls and posters. Different formats will be chosen: keynotes, panels, presentations, posters and lightning talks.


FAIR Digital Objects need to support experts in research and industry in their data-driven work, which is currently highly inefficient in various ways. (1) FDOs are a way to structure the domain of digital entities of all sorts and thus will help experts in conceptualisation. (2) FDOs will open the path towards increased automation of processing the extreme volumes of data. (3) FDOs will help to reduce the enormous inefficiencies in data-driven projects and thus offer to use more funds for the analytics. 

Therefore, the FDO conference will invite researchers to present their plans and adoptions using an open call and to discuss challenges of data-driven work and views on the usefulness of FDOs in panels with experienced experts.

FDO2022 technical sessions will range from the analysis and explication of the basic data management and access requirements for FDOs and why FDOs are needed now to meet the opportunities and challenges presented by the data revolution down to detailed technical specifications and demonstrations of operational systems. This will be placed in the context of the architectural and computational evolution that enables this approach as well as how it can fit into existing practices. Specific topics will include FDO minimal requirements, typing, identification, DOIP (Digital Object Interface Protocol), semantic interoperability, supporting infrastructure, and workflows. The sessions will consist of both the results of the current FDOF working groups and discussions as well as the responses to the open call.

Policies play an important role in the development of global data spaces in which FDOs fulfil crucial functions. The FDO Conference aims to support in a multilevel approach the concepts of coherent, innovative and strategic policy making and the development of convergent and sustainable policies for the global data spaces. The FDO Conference will explore (1) policy priorities in a collective data space linked to societal and industrial developments. (2)  discuss how policies can help in reducing inequality among societies, with particular attention to the role of gender equality and women's empowerment, and (3)  capture the impact of policies on funding, infrastructures and services.  The FDO conference will invite experts from industry, research communities, policy makers and funders to discuss their views and experiences on the mentioned topics.

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