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FDO2022 is proud to have the support of Elsevier as a commercial partner. Please read below a few words from the company.

Your institution’s commitment to research data management is key to being competitive and collaborative. And engaging all of your stakeholders requires transparent principles, process, and practices. As a global leader in Research Data Management (RDM), Elsevier helps researchers and institutions find, manage, curate, collaborate, and showcase their research data. At Elsevier, we believe there are aspects of highly effective data, such as the F.A.I.R. principles, which can help to steer the development of better data management processes and systems throughout the data lifecycle. Our solutions combine authoritative, structured, and connected data with advanced analytics, and an array of indicators and metrics with easy-to-use, integrated systems. Trusted by more than 6,000 institutions globally, our Research Intelligence solutions provide the insights and resources you need to confidently tackle your most pressing challenges and elevate your research data insights, reach and impact.

Elsevier has a long history of active engagement in and support for community efforts around research data sharing and open data through actions such as our sponsorship of RDMLA, our partnership CWTS, working with the NIH though Mendeley Data to support the GREI program, our support and design of products like Data Monitor, Digital Commons Data and Pure to support compliance with funder data mandates from the National Institute of Health, the Australian National Data Service, and the European Commission.

Complement institutional knowledge with Elsevier’s Research Intelligence, a portfolio underpinned by connected data that both support the F.A.I.R principals, and the initiative to help push for F.A.I.R. data across the globe. For additional information on our RDM Workflow Resources read more here:

Digital Commons Data: Digital Commons Data: for your institution's RDM journey (
Data Monitor: Data Monitor - Track and analyse your institutional research data (
Mendeley Data: Mendeley Data
Mendeley Data FAQ:
Pure: Pure | The world’s leading RIMS or CRIS | Elsevier Solutions
Open Data Support: Open Science | Elsevier and Research Data | Open Science | Elsevier

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