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FAIR Digital Objects Forum
The FDO Forum provides a formalised, international and neutral place where policy, researchers and technological experts can meet to exchange information about all relevant aspects related to FDOs. This initiative has the support of major global initiatives and by a variety of regional and national initiatives. The objective is to achieve a better coherence amongst the increasing number of initiatives working on FDO-based designs and implementations.

Leiden 2022: European City of Science
In 2022, Leiden will be the Dutch stage of the European scientific world. The major issues of our time will be discussed during countless conferences and special meetings. Simultaneously, with and for residents of the city and region, we will design an exciting program in which every day is centred around a different, intriguing topic. The ultimate goal of Leiden European City of Science is to connect science and society.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Naturalis Biodiversity Center will be the main venue of FDO2022.
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